By way of introduction, my name is Marc deClaire.  I’m a veteran Cookeville police officer and reside in Putnam County. 

As a local police officer who is on the front lines, there are times I will run across someone that needs some help that would require a small amount of money. Things such as a need for food/baby food, shoes, diapers, gas, transportation, minor car repair, etc.  

This fund has been set up to help people that are in a critical bind.  I usually encounter them on duty or when a fellow officer/entity reaches out to me.  This campaign is designed for an immediate response to a short term need or solution through the lens of law enforcement.  This facilitates an efficient streamlined approach and ease of logistics without corridors of power.

This is non-profit 501(c)3 fundraiser.  Recipients will not receive cash unless absolutely necessary and they are carefully vetted.  People that receive help must be in or reside in Putnam County and at my discretion.

-Officer Marc deClaire